Belly Dance practices


Instagram Belly Dance RI - 2 sec Video by Barbara 4 the #thedancingspiritinYOU - Join me on Instagram !! Http://

Tanagra Dance Ensemble - #FromTivertonRI #Tanagra #Th.June 26, 7:00 PM. #Newportrocksthefortsundownthursdays #FortAdams #LookfortheblueSKIRTZ!!!!

RI Tati,Nati Teen sisters Belly Dance ,Tiverton Teen Belly Dance with sisters Tati & Nati …… RACTICES Beledi combo( step together, step touch, 123, cross step , back hip circle around in place, chest camel walking forward, shoulder shimmies walking back) PLUS shoulder shimmies,hip twists,Maya’s,hip circle IN, figure eights.To see more Teen combo classes visit …..Http:// Join my FB page for summer classes & shows

Teen Belly Dance Class - Basic vocabulary

TDSEnsemble performed this set of dances for Shimmy Mob 2014 @ The Dancing Spirit Studio, 219 Nanaquaket Rd. ,Tiverton & at Boon Docks, Fall River dancing to raise funds for Sojourner House. Yay Shimmy Mob! ….Love Barbara

Shimmy Mob 2014 with the world @Dancing Spirit Studio, 219 Nanaquaket Rd.,Tiverton RI,1st show. THREE DANCES - World Shimmy Mob 4, Zeina Remix,Drum Solo.THANK YOU to the SM Team, TDS Ensemble, guest dancers, both audiences, those who donated,Susan Gober for Boon Docks, Susan Cote and to amazing Mark. Yay Team!.Yay Shimmy Mob!!!……Love Barbara